Advanced copilot for the trail, off-trail and racing enthusiasts

What is CoPiTrail

CoPiTrail is an advanced driving aid and analysis system. It is connected on the vehicle electrical harness using the supplied cable with matching OEM connectors. An iPad Mini 4* is installed and acts as an interface. On snowmobiles, the mobile device is installed at the original instrument pack location for optimal visibility. The original instrument pack is relocated and remains visible. CoPiTrail provides the same level of information as the original instrument pack (speed, fuel level, warnings, etc.) plus the following additions:

  • Map showing your current position, surrounding trails, roads and more
  • The current position of other members of your group**
  • If required, the Map automatically disappear leaving additional space for live data at higher speed
  • Vehicle live data fields are configurable (speed, RPM etc)
  • Additional live data not provided by the original instrument pack (Boost, MAP sensor, Throttle Body Position etc)
  • Daytime and nighttime colour themes
  • Optional Datalogger with numeric and graph views available***
  • Available in English and French
  • And more

Proven hardware design

  • Convenient installation package which allows removal of the iPad Mini 4 in seconds
  • Embedded GPS receiver for positioning, accurate speed and performance statistics (time and speed for racing standard distances, 0 to 60 MPH time and more)
  • Waterproof case, heating pad and charger for harsh environment usage
  • Installs in minutes without any permanent modification


*Sold seperately

**Cellular connection required

***Racing functionalities, may not be legal for trail use in certain provinces or states.

Knowing where you are instantly

The App offers instant access to your position on the Map plus:

  • Trail and street locations
  • Points of interest
  • A follow up trace (very helpful at intersections)
  • Distance calculation to your selected destination
  • Itinerary can be saved, recalled and shared to friends
  • Map sections are pre-downloaded by the user. No cellular connection required for navigation
  • Compass

Knowing where your friends are instantly

Where an internet/cellular connection is available (mobile device itself or hotspot):

  • Know where and how far your friends are on the map
  • Their current status (moving, stand still, engine off…)
  • Their last known GPS location
  • Distress signal activated by the user


Easy layout customization

  • Each data field can show 1,2 or 4 live values for up to 16 values
  • Space taken by the Map and data can be re-sized
  • Map and data locations can be changed (data on the left, right or top)
  • Full screen Map with data overlay available
  • Preferred layout is automatically saved


Video of layout changes

Full screen data display

  • Once a defined speed is reached (configurable high speed mode), when set in the App parameters or when called in the layout screen, the Map is removed from the screen leaving more space for current vehicle data.
  • The Map automatically reappears upon slowing down when high-speed mode is activated
  • Each individual value field is configurable to your preferences for up to 16 values
  • Friends distances are also displayed on this screen.

Functionalities for racing applications

Functions overview

The module is connected on the vehicle’s communication bus thus allowing access to the following functionalities:

  • Fault reading and clearing with export capability via e-mail
  • Live Data viewing exporting and sharing
  • More will be added as development progresses

The embedded GPS receiver provides the following statistics: 

  • Maximum Speed
  • 0 to 60 MPH time and distance
  • 0 to 100 KPH time and distance
  • 60 feet time and speed
  • 330 feet time and speed
  • 500 feet time and speed (typical grass drag distance)
  • 660 feet time and speed (1/8 mile and Ice racing)
  • 1000 feet time and speed
  • 1320 feet time and speed (1/4 mile)
  • 1500 feet time and speed
  • 2000 feet time and speed (typical radar run distance)

Racing functionalities are only to be used for racing purposes in a controlled environment. Not for trail use.

Live Data analysis

Live Data recording and analyzing capabilities optional (engine speed, vehicle speed, boost etc). The data is shown on a graph scale and can easily be manipulated for analysis.

  • All available data is automatically recorded
  • Up to 8 live values can be displayed simultaneously
  • Optional input for AEM Widebard O2 sensor available.
  • Export in CSV and PDF format available
  • Logs can be shared to friends, viewed and manipulated in their own iPads.
  • Convenient interface which allows easy manipulation of each graph curves (zoom, pan, move etc)
  • Use the cursor to precisely know each live value state at a defined time (dotted vertical line in screenshots)

Live Data analysis example

This log is from a ZR 9000 2017 fitted with a wideband lambda sensor (O2)

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