Which mobile devices are supported?2017-04-21T14:04:36+00:00

The supplied hardware kit (brackets, supports…) will allow mounting an iPad Mini 4 on the vehicle. The following mobile devices are supported but will require sourcing mounting hardware from a third party.

  • iPad Mini 2nd generation and up
  • iPad 3rd generation onward
  • iPad Pro, all
Will my local trail maps be included?2017-04-21T14:21:22+00:00

Discussions with different associations are now under way including:

-FCMQ (Quebec)

-OFSC (Ontario)

-US based associations

If you would like a specific region to be covered, please contact us. Contacting your local association might also help us adding maps more quickly.

When will CoPiTrail be available?2017-04-20T12:41:28+00:00

Pre-orders will be filled in autumn of 2017 for the following vehicles:

  • Arctic Cat 9000 series snowmobiles including Thundercat 2017-2018
  • Yamaha Sidewinder snowmobiles 2017-2018
  • Arctic Cat snowmobiles fitted with the 1100 cc 4 strokes (Turbo and non-Turbo) engines 2012 and up.

Development for additional vehicles will go according to which are most requested. Please show your interest on our contact page!

Where is CoPiTrail installed on my machine?2017-04-28T20:46:19+00:00

The CoPiTrail module is installed on the console, behind the original instrument cluster location. All electrical connections are plug and play, no wire modification required.

The mobile device (iPad Mini) is placed at the original instrument cluster location. The original instrument cluster is relocated on the console, in front of the handlebars.

Arctic Cat and Yamaha fitted with the 998cc Turbo installation

CoPi Trail 2017

Arctic Cat 1100cc Turbo and non Turbo installation

CoPi Trail 2014


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